Defining "Chili"

  • We want your chili the way you’ve always made it. We don’t want anyone to have to alter their chili just for this event. If you put beans in your chili bring it that way, if you don’t then bring it the way you’ve always made it.

  • Don’t forget variety is great!

  • We want to see meatless, spicy, white chili, even surprise ingredients, etc.

  • Please no chili that will melt taste buds.

  • NO store-bought chili allowed

  • Please label chili, mild, medium, spicy, or waiver required with ambulance on standby.


Cooking on-site

  • For simplicity sake we are allowing off-site preparation/ cooking. If you would like to bring it and cook it all on site that is allowed but not required.

  • Please bring your chili in a slow cooker/s or heavy metal pots and be hot and ready to serve. *Note electricity will be limited, extension cords may be required.


Time limit

  • All chili must be ready to vote on at 11:30 am on October 5th, 2019.

  • No chili entries will be accepted after 11:30 am.


Chili volume

  • 3 gallon minimum requirement.

  • The more you make will help increase your overall vote and could help you win.



  • Entries will remain anonymous and each entry will be assigned a number that appears on the official judging sheet to prevent any bias (or perceived bias) in judging. 



  • Judges may be bribed; however, their decision will not be swayed, all money will be donated to a Police Auxiliary Christmas event that will be announced at a later date.

  • Once Chili is submitted you will not have access to it, until Judging is complete.

  • Remember this is a friendly competition please be courteous and fair to the other competitors.

  • No chili will be served until judging is completed.

  • This contest is for fun.

Judging Categories:


Over all appearance- Is it eye catching? Does the color pop? Does the appearance make you want to eat it?


Taste- How is the flavor? Do the ingredients blend well, or is one too overpowering? Does the first bite make you want another one? 


Aroma- Does it smell good? Does the aroma make you want to dig in?


Consistency- How is the meat to sauce ratio? It shouldn’t be runny, mushy or overly thick.


Aftertaste- Once you swallow, is there a spicy taste (“bite”) that stays on your tongue? Is it pleasant?



First place grand campion will receive a plaque to take home after the Fall Festival October 5th, 2019. Plus, they will have their name engraved on a large trophy that will be kept in a designated location within the City of Baxter. Location will be announced at the Fall Festival. Each year winners name will be added to the trophy each year.


People’s choice winner will receive a small people’s choice trophy that they will be allowed to take home after the Fall Festival October 5th. 



Space is limited; please register your team early!!!

Registration deadline is Friday September 27th, 2019.



1004 Military Ave, Baxter Springs, KS  66713


Any participants that would be okay with sharing their recipe with us, please bring a copy of it and we will include it in a soon to come chili cook off book that will be up for sale to help sponsor this event in the future.


Please contact Doug Scott 620-210-0518, Debbie Hopkins 918-919-1400 or

Baxter Springs Chamber of Commerce (620) 856-3131

if you have any questions or need additional information.

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