General Information:

1. This contest is open to all bakers.

2. A pie must be entered in the name of the person who baked it.

3. A baker may enter one pie in each category, with a limit of two pies.

4. There is no registration fee! The pie is considered a donation to be placed in the pie auction. 5. A separate registration form must be submitted for each pie entered.

6. Pies must be baked at home and delivered to the Baxter Springs Chamber Office between 2:00-3:00 where they will be assigned a number: thus, maintaining confidentiality of the bakers.

7. Judging will begin at 4:00pm

8. Pies should be submitted covered and at room temperature.

9. No pies requiring refrigeration (containing dairy products, cream, or meat).

10. All pies will become the property of the Baxter Springs Chamber of Commerce. The Pies: 1. All entries must be baked at home, from scratch, including crust, using a recipe of your choice.

2. Pies must be baked in 8”-10” disposable containers.

3. Pies may have single or double crusts….lace/lattice or crumb tops may also be used.

4. Entrants should use their own filling recipe.

5. Entrants will present a copy of their recipes…both filling and crust.

6. Categories: a. Fruit (includes berries) b. Other (your choice)



1. Entrants may register upon delivery of the pies to the Chamber Office.

2. The website registration form may be printed and filled out by hand for submission.

3. Pies will be numbered upon delivery: the baker’s name will not be known to the judges.

4. An entrant may enter a pie in each category, but only one per entrant can win.



1. Judging starts at 4:00pm.

2. Judging area will be “off Limits” to all but Judges and Pie Contest Committee members.

3. A winner will be chosen in each category.

4. Criteria for judging will be overall appearance and overall taste.

5. Pie earning the most points will be the winner.

6. In case of a tie, the judges will judge again.

7. Winners will be announced at the Community Dinner.

8. Pie Auction will be at 5:30 at the Community Dinner.

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